Quotes by Bob Vincent


I find that people respect my intelligence more if I'm willing to look stupid once in a while.


The responsibility for bad decisions is not divided among several participants – it is multiplied.

Voodoo Capitalism

As many would-be voodoo capitalists have discovered, great wealth is seldom achieved by simple imitation.


Increased population density inevitably leads to increased problem density.

Civil disobedience is a patriotic duty.

Civil disobedience is cheaper than open rebellion, more effective than self-imposed exile, and nobler than running for congress.

Reinventing the Wheel

Sometimes you have to reinvent a few wheels in order to truly appreciate a well-built wheel.


Some people HAD a childhood. And some people STILL DO!!!


"Band-aid" cures are so-called because they prevent irritation and delay healing.

Second Law of Quality

Anything not worth doing right is not worth doing.

Great Inventions

Every great invention requires two people:

  1. A recognized expert to say it can’t be done.
  2. Some stubborn fool to go ahead and do it anyway.