We’re all “terminal”. None of us will get out of this world alive.

Responding to a lady who said, “My husband is terminal.”

A “friend” is someone who responds to an inopportune visit by saying “Won’t you come in?” rather than “What are you doing here?”

Borrowing a kid is more fun than borrowing a computer, and I don’t have to fix them afterwards.

No parent has ever said to me,

> My kid is misbehaving. You broke it; you fix it.

Now replace “kid” with “computer”. Yup; heard that one before. Lots.

The closer to the truth, the better the lie. And the very best lie of all is to tell the truth – unconvincingly.

Paraphrased from They by Heinlein: “The surest way to lie convincingly is to tell the truth unconvincingly.”


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