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Allow members of "Remote Desktop Users" to login via Remote Desktop on Windows 2008 R2

  1. Login to 2008 server as a domain administrator.
  2. Click "Start", "Run" and type "secpol.msc"
  3. Navigate to:
    • Security Settings
      • Local Policies
        • User Rights Assignment
          • Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services
  4. Double-click on "Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services"
  5. Click "Add user or group"

Second Amendment

From the available context, the purpose of the second amendment is crystal clear. The founders believed there should be no standing armies in peacetime. (They’d be aghast at our current military situation!) Private citizens should be free to own and become proficient with any weaponry that may be useful in time of war, because they may at any time be called upon to fight in a war.


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