Robert A. Heinlein said a human being ought to be able to do 21 things, but 20 are regulated by government:

Change a diaper – Must be a licensed Care-giver.
Plan an invasion – Must be a Blackwater employee.
Butcher a hog – Subject to FDA approval
Conn a ship — Must be a licensed Marine Pilot.
Design a building – Must be a certified Architect or Civil Engineer
Write a sonnet – Must be a RIAA member or risk lawsuit.
Balance accounts – Must be a Certified Public Accountant
Build a wall – Subject to city zoning ordinances etc
Set a bone – Must be a licensed Physician
Comfort the dying – Must be a licensed Hospice Caregiver
Give orders – Must show government ID
Cooperate – Subject to ATF/DHS. See Waco siege
Act alone – Subject to ATF/DHS. See Ruby Ridge
Solve equations – Unless protected by software patent
Analyze a new problem – After a lengthy patent search
Pitch manure – Subject to Department of Agriculture approval
Program a computer – Subject to the DMCA and Patriot acts
Cook a tasty meal – Subject to FDA approval
Fight efficiently – Subject to licensing and/or confiscation of arms
Die gallantly – All causes worth dying for are legally prohibited

Only one is still unregulated by government:

Take orders